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Monday, November 05, 2001

i've been meaning to post every now and then, but somehow the whole concept seems to slip further away all the time. so does the redesign. well, basically the redesign has been complete for some time now, the backend is still being coded though, and i wouldn't want to put up a site without the gallery... additionally i am getting alll these ideas how to further improve the site. then again, i could set up some temporary version. time will tell.

studies are occupying most of my time, i am starting off pretty big anyways, trying to get 25 credits this fall. this weekend however, was dedicated to music. first i made a cover karaoke version of that old sixties tune "lollipop" for my mother, since that will be needed on a family party next weekend. then, as i began to better understand cubase, and since i managed to decrease latency of the vst instruments i started to work on a cover of the pixies "where is my mind", as soon as i get some results, i'll be sure to post them here...

today, since once i do not have a midterm on monday, i'm at work. i haven't been able to reach my objective of paying my rent with the money i earn yet, i just make half of it, that's mostly beacuse i don't come here but twice a month which obviously is not enough. well, the second midterm and final period will possibly change that as i will have less lectures then.

now --- back to scanning --- possibly one of the most boring jobs around....

Saturday, October 20, 2001

mid-term schmid-term.

another friday night spent at home with my good friend java. as just stated in an icq conversation: "friday night is coding time". tomorrow will be dedicated to electric circuits. a class i am not too good at yet. frankly i'm not even that interested in the whole thing, a controversal statement for someone basicly studying at the electronics department. however, i am at the telecommunications department which is an underdepartment of the electronics... i will major in telecommunications management as i have decided this week (the decision was made due to an introductory course forcing me to decide and plan my entire college education after one month at this school.) and minor in digital media. but circuits are something which has to be done and since most people seem to find it rather simple i guess it can't be that hard. although the german high school degree is rumoured to be of quite high standards, i have realised that i spent most of my physics lessons learning about other things than the people here. and since i got pretty decent grades i'm concluding that it's not my fault. alot of work has to be done anyways...

as i'm spending alot of time at home (again/still?) i'm sinking deeper into what i perceive / want to believe to be the indie scene. i ordered wagnc! #6 from jack saturn. i had to pay it by mailing the money the ordinary way. it's been lying around on my table for a whole week now, unread together with a bunch of one-dollar bills. something keeps me from just opening and reading it. as if it took some special moment, preparation. i know that's nonsense. i've been busy and whenever i haven't, i've been tired.

i can barely keep my eyes open.

that is a fact although i actually returned to sleep for another 2 1/2 hours after my math exercise lesson at 8 am which i almost overslept today, after being in a very deliriant state at the pridian one (somehow my constant lack of sleep - which i cannot justify since i get a minimum of 6 hours of sleep every night - has stimulated my r.e.m. consciousness - if this makes any sense - to come up with ways to disarm my alarm clock without me noticing it at all. fortunately i have a very righteous biological clock which is constantly aware of my duties. hence i woke up just in time to make it.)

i opened the door to room Y345 at 8.30 am, 15 minutes late after stopping by the vending machines on the second floor to get my obligatory dosis of icecold liquid caffeine labeled pepsi max. by that time, only one person was attending the exercise, by the end of the event there was three of us.

my inofficial scedule provided me with circuit studies in preparation of my said mid-term. inofficial. the scedule was rejected, instead i did some laundry and vacuumed my room. hooray for freedom!

Saturday, October 13, 2001

as i'm trying to read for my mathematics mid-term on monday, an awful lot of car-nihilist-narcissists continuously practice power slides on the parking lot in front of my dorm. it seems to be the traditional national car-jerk-show-off day or something similarily stupendous.

Tuesday, October 02, 2001

things i have figured out:

1. fresh air rulez! (that was not really new to me, it's actually so obvious that i don't usually think about it...)
2. if my hear is hanging in front of my eyes, i can't see.
3. vst instruments rock.

wow, that list really sucks. i wanted to post two days ago, but blogger was down. yesterday i was almost ready to post, then i forgot to, and now i can't recall what i was going to post.

two things:

i've been trying to record some songs again, but cubase is kinda complicated, so it might still take a while until i get some results. here's the dubstar studio:

been doing some redesign and backend programming lately. here's a prototype of the new design, it's simpler than the current, but i find it more personal:


Friday, September 21, 2001

my blogging activities are fading all the time. there's a lot going on in my life now, which is kind of new to me, as i spent most of the past 13 months either at work or at home and occasionally somewhere else. now i'm spending most of my time at school, or somewhere else in my neighborhood. alot of program for the new students... the weeks just fly...
i rearranged my room, i found a bed in the closet (no, really, in the closet...) and a longer table panel, the table is now at the window and the bed in the back corner of the room. i still have no lights so i'm pretty much bound to daylight, at least when i'm doing homework. homework, now here's a word i haven't used in a long time. heh, it actually feels really good to be intellectually active again, not that i had my switches set to stupid this past year, you know.

new table arrangement

the new table arrangement

new bed arrangement

the new bed arrangement

new computer arrangement

i updated my computer, a new hard drive and additional memory,
=> 100GB HD + 400MB RAM
(the trinet internet connection is too fast...)

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

my god, i really can't remember the last time i was as shocked by a current event as i am today. i have been glued to my television since 4.30pm (that was about 30 mins after the first plane crashed) and honestly, if you would asked me what i was supposed to do today, i have absolutely now idea. this is so surreal.

Sunday, September 09, 2001

student (in)activities...

the last week has been pretty stuffed with all kinds of student related action. sometimes entertaining, other times stunningly boring. the problem of this school: too many nerds, too many groups of friends from highschool rejoined in college, too few girls. yesterday was oneof the regular dinner meetings of the swedish student union of this school, teknologföreningen tf. it was a nice, very structured social event that involved about 200 students sitting at long tables, having dinner and drinking lots of vodka. but the smart ones (the experienced one might also say) only nipped their glasses since the songs (traditionally, hard liquor is only enjoyed after singing a song) where announced faster than i could chew. in fact i didn't even have a chance of tasting the food until after the third song. at the after-dinner disco party a lot of people were really hammered.

educationally this week brought few other illuminations than a few unix commands. somehow i managed to mangle my unix-shell settings and none of the nerds could help me with it since everything seemed allright. anyways, the .cshrc file seems to need a minimum of three lines to function although only the first two lines have to contain text. whatever.

on tuesday i got my overall from the electronics department (another traditional thing, every department has its own overalls, really practical, you don't need to worry about your clothes when partying and you always recognize your kind...), but i'll have to wait for my other one from tf for some time...

my new overall...

new table
i have a table. the other corners are the same...


Tuesday, September 04, 2001

the four corners of my (new) room

as the title indicates, i have finally changed residence. i got some help (car) from a very nice friend, and yesterday we moved all of my stuff (boxes) to the new room.

corner #1

corner #2

corner #3

corner #4

i now live in otaniemi, the campus area of the university of technology. i have a 100 mbit internet connection (no firewall, as you may realize this is the first time i upload new stuff to my server since... forever), i have a fridge (it seems to be part of the room), i have cable-tv, i have about a million time as much space as i had in my "to-small-to-fit-a-fiat-panda"-room and i have absolutely no furniture.

yesterday was also my first day at the university, there was some program and supposedly a party but after moving my stuff when i checked the location at 11pm there wasn't even the sign of a party for the 2000 new students. whatever.

oh, my new adress:

jämeräntaival 11 k 222
02150 espoo

there's a program about the advantages of oragnic fertilizer on tv.


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