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roam free, em-tee!

i am hereby releasing the new movable type powered to the open public.

what this implies: faster, easier publishing for me.
what this does not imply: any real change in content...

and since it's summer and i have a lot of free time i will hopefully post more often.

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summer of '03

well, it's here. i'd say spring break because it sounds cool although it's not. the term is over and i'm a free man only bound to the exploitations of the corporate world (wait a minute...) until october. that means that i will be working for some of that sweet cash. i'm at work right now but don't tell anyone.
if everything goes according to plan, yours truly is headed southwards at the end of the summer to spend an exchange year at the universitat politecnica de valencia in valencia, spain, where i'll try to complete an interactive digital media / multimedia technology minor. another very pleasant turn of events is that my significant other, currently located in aachen, germany is hopefully spending an exchange year (geographics major) in the very same town at the mediterranean coast.

on another - rather technical issue - i ordered an ibook a few weeks ago. so far it hasn't turned up yet which sort of beclouds the otherwise pleasant investment. a word of advice: don't order any custom models from apple. i decided to buy the ibook on germany as the price drops about €500 that way, but since i find the german keyboard layout to be very impractical with the swapped y and z keys and have grown accustomed to the finnish/scandinavian one i decided to have the whole damn thing custom built in ireland. well, that's what they decided for me, i could have just as well switched a few keycaps. yup, that was about 6 weeks ago. still waiting.
the new layout should be up in the next days, expect to hear from the apk this summer!

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more for you.


personal blah

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