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idea is my personal website for all kinds of things mostly related to - you guessed it - me. you'll find images, music and infrequent updates. this site as such has been running since 2000. the name is derived from the name of my one man band project, analogue popkick which again has no real meaning.


the site is hosted on a server a friend of mine runs, and is maintained mostly using movable type and partly php. the site used to be a completely self coded php experience but that - although it worked fine - turned out to be a lot of work. the site should be valid html and yes i am still using tables, one reason for which is that a lot of computers at my university still run mozilla 1 which can't tell css from a piece of rubber tire glued to a pine tree.

some layout bits and pieces on this site might seem familiar to you. that is possible, since the layout is continuously inspired by sites that i visit frequently such as metafilter or and a bunch of other sites...



all content on this site, including images and music is licensed under a creative commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. follow the link to find out more. another constraint i'd like to add is if you like it, tell me.


about me

i'm a student at the helsinki university of technology, majoring in telecommunications management, minor subject interactive digital media. i live in helsinki, finland.

if a resume is what you came for you'll find it at

the name is johan (pronounced yoo-hahn, it's swedish, ya know?!), most people adress me by that name, although some people call me joe, sometimes jerome, one guy calls me joey joe joe junior shabadoo.



email: (please don't send me any crap. seriously, noone falls for that nigerian business scam...)

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